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Things to know
  • The logo must be used as provided and must never be modified or altered in any way. (This includes moving the shield on top of or below the wordmark.)
  • The shield and the wordmark should never be used alone or paired with anything other than each other.
  • What is the difference between versions?
  • The visual identity guidelines apply to all sub-unit logos as well as the main logo.
  • Whenever possible, the logo should appear in its full colour version. There is a version specific to both spot-colour printing and four-colour process printing.
  • The one-colour tint version of the logo should only be used when two-colour or four-colour process printing is not available.
  • The one-colour solid version of the logo should only be used when halftone printing is not available. This is often the case with signage and merchandise.
  • Do not create reverse versions of the logos by modifying the artwork in the colour, spot, solid or tint versions. If you need a logo that will reverse out of a background, use the versions provided that include the word 'REVERSE' in the file name. The REVERSE artwork is set up specifically for this use and is constructed differently.