Campus Logos

A subset of the university logo has been developed to differentiate a campus logo from a faculty or department sub-unit logo. The campus logos are based on a monolithic brand system which clearly defines the hierarchy of information. The campus name is positioned prominently below the university logo in the specified location and type treatment. The relationship between the University of Alberta component and campus name should not be altered.

Things to know
  • Whenever possible the logo should be used in colour.
  • Make sure you use the right version for dark and light coloured backgrounds. Please consult the improper use section of this site to learn more.
  • The locator is only available for the main university and campus logos. This will not be made available to sub-unit logos.
  • Do not deconstruct, alter or change the logo or any of its versions. They must be used as provided and must never be modified or altered in any way with the exception of scale (this includes moving the shield on top or below the wordmark).
  • The shield and the wordmark should never be used alone or paired with anything other than each other.
  • The campus name should never be moved on top or beside the logo.