Our Values

Guided by enduring values and principles, the U of A is a dynamic, modern institution of higher learning, leading change nationally and internationally. The current image of the U of A among internal and external stakeholders exemplifies and emerges from the following emotional and functional attributes and characteristics:

Promise Wheel

Promise wheel 


Excellence in teaching that promotes learning; outstanding research and creative activity that fuel discovery and advance knowledge; and enlightened service that builds citizenship.

Student Experience

The centrality of our students and our responsibility to provide an intellectually superior educational environment.

Integrity and Academic Freedom

Integrity, fairness, and principles of ethical conduct built on the foundation of academic freedom, open inquiry, and the pursuit of truth.

Diversity and Creativity

A diverse, yet inclusive, dynamic collegial community that welcomes change and seizes opportunity with passion and creativity.


Pride in our history and traditions, including contributions from Aboriginal people and other groups, that enrich and distinguish the university.


Our Emotional Characteristics and Attributes:

    • Daring
    • Creative
    • Pioneering
    • Uplifting
    • Competitive
    • Rigorous
    • Passionate

Our Functional Characteristics and Attributes:

    • Discovery
    • Innovation
    • Local/Global Engagement
    • Collaboration
    • Leadership
    • Service/Citizenship
    • Stewardship